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Concession Sign Ups


This means you are not intending to work any shift and will donate the Concessions Deposit to MN North

Please notify by sending an email to

Concessions Requirements 2024 Season

  • 3 Shifts are required for all Girl Players/ 14 Boy players
  • 1 Shift for 18 Boy Players
  • 3 Additional Concessions Shifts required for all scholarship recipients

Concessions =  1 shift 

Admissions = 2 shifts as they are longer time commitments. You must be 18 yrs or older to work Admissions. 

Concessions FAQS:

  • You must be 18+ to work an admission shift. We do encourage the players to work shifts. If you don't want to miss watching your child play, sign up on the opposite day that they play. It is not guaranteed that you will be working your shift at the same site your child is playing at. 
  • Site Locations are subject to change. 
  • Please make sure when signing up on Signup Genius for your shifts that you enter all of your contact and player information correctly. You will get a confirmation from Signup Genius when you sign up and the reminder email that comes from us will also use the email that was entered when signing up for your shift. We just want to make sure that nothing gets missed **

SignUpGenius Instructions:

Sites locations could be altered at any time.  Please be aware that changes may occur. 

  1. Click on Link(s) below for the day you want
  2. Review and Select which Location/Time Slot
  3. Select the Number (#) of shifts for that time slot you're going to work, put in your player's first initial and last name
  4. Signup as Member (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  5. Click: “Sign Up Now”

Signup Genius sends reminders 5 days before each event.  Any changes you need to make after your reminder is received, is your responsibility.  As of 12:00p on the Friday before each event, emails will not be read or returned. Sites might be added or dropped if not enough teams enter our tournaments or locations need to be changed. 

Questions? Email

Concessions Coordinators